My WordPress Blog Website Website Website Website: is the website for Carly Shay and Sam Puckett who host weekly Webcasts. The technical producer and cameraman are Freddie Benson. In certain episodes, Spencer appears, as well as their friend Gibby and T-Bo, their friend who owns The Groovy Smoothie. Due to Carly heading to Italy in the series final, goodbye, the fictional web show is now on hiatus. It was not the end of the show, Sam said, and they were just taking a break. It is possible that the web show has never been continued. Website

Videotaped a series of talent show auditions for Ms. Francine Briggs and sent them to a social networking site called SplashFace. A video shot without Carly or Sam’s knowledge of them making fun of Ms. Website

Briggs generated the most online interest, and the two girls realized they had a talent for webcasting. Carly and Sam’s webcast features funny skits and debate. Photos and videos submitted by viewers, along with occasional special guests, are also presented (invited and uninvited). Website Website